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The Impact of Covid-19 on Education Sector:  A Study with Reference to Madhya Pradesh (M.P. Region) | Original Article

Sukrati Rathore1 Dr. Pooja Chaturvedi2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



In 2020, in the mid of February last year, we unknowingly got in touch with Corona Virus and since then our world has changed completely. The disease first showed its presence In Wuhan, China and within 2 months it travelled the whole world. It left no corner untouched and every business took a direct hit, every sector was compromised and hence education sector was also not left untouched. Shutting down schools, colleges, cancellation of exams have impacted 94% of our whole student population and to this date, the education sector has not seen a remarkable improvement as general promotions, lack of offline exams has only made it difficult to keep up the standard of education. While at one hand social distancing norms has made it difficult to carry on with the traditional learning and teaching, on the other hand the challenge of reopening the institution if there is relaxation in the covid-19 guidelines is also a very big challenge for the country. The Aim of this study is to explore the options, the problems and the challenges of education imparting during the pandemic and to understand the perception of teachers, parents and students to find out solutions so that another academic year is not completely overlooked yet again. The need of the hour is to find innovative solution to our educational constrains and to come up with effective strategies to make sure that we are ready to face the future with online learning.