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A Study on Financial Frauds Committed by Perpetrators under the Privileges to NGO’s in India | Original Article

CA. Anaadi Mishra1 Dr. Deepti Maheshwari2   in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



The purpose of this study is to identify and analyse the privileges available to the various types of Non-Government Organisation in India and the flaws present in the statutory regulations that are exploited by fraudsters. This study aims at evaluating the Internal Control Policy in organisations that prevent a possibility of fraud and the success of the Fraud Response Team. The study thereafter reflects the effects of training of staff members in controlling the occurrences of frauds. The methodical approach used in this study is conducted by observation and document review. The findings of this study majorly reported the following anomalies in the working of the organisations.  Sourcing of NGO’s money for personal use. Collusion with suppliers to inflate prices for procurements. Payments to ghost employees or beneficiaries that exist only in books. Kickbacks received by NGO Staff by suppliers or beneficiaries. Money received in personal account by issuing false receipts. Single project being funded by multiple donors (Double Dipping). Personal use of NGO’s assets.