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A Concise Review on Lean Management in Higher Education | Original Article

Vishal Verma1 Dr. Neha Mathur2 Dr. Atul Loomba3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



The motive of this review paper is to correlate the accumulated body of research on Lean inhigher education, draw interpretations to help guide successful Lean implementations and bring forward futureresearch directions to set up a rich base of knowledge that enlighten both practice and research.[10] Methodology used is Review of Literature for Lean in higher education. Conceptual framework for Lean Management has been developed. Findings showed that Lean has quantifiable value when used to enhance administrative and academic operations in higher education.Dedication is required on the part of University’s top management to prosper the culture of Lean and adjust to the rapidly changing environment of higher education. There was an enhanced workflow, decrease in waste and undesired motion. Conclusion was that the Lean implementation will be impactful and effective if it will involve long term strategic planning, dedicated executive management, organizational learning covering all the levels and cultural changes in the workplace. There was a notable reduction in waste, waiting time, and optimal and ideal utilization of human resources was observed.