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“A Review Paper on Information Technology Intervention in Rural Areas: with Reference To Madhya Pradesh” | Original Article

Aditi Chaturvedi1 Dr. Neha Mathur2 Dr.Preeti Shrivastava3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



Information communication technology provides us with information through telecommunication like the Internet, the cell phone, wireless networking and various other sources. It is equipped with problem solving ability comprising many forms of gadgets including electronic communication and computer systems based on hardware and software. It enhances the usefulness combined with traditional engineering performing the work efficiently and effectively at very high speed. ICT acts as a catalytic intervention system empowering rural population in Madhya Pradesh. It is accelerating economic development in rural India by helping the masses to access the information in order to bridge the gap. In a developing state like Madhya Pradesh, ICT revolution helps the rural populace to become active participants in growth of our country. There is no doubt that development of Indian villages is one of the important factors to usher growth of Indian economy. Combining ICT in rural development can hasten the process. Access to relevant information and knowledge is significantly important and ICTs can prove very beneficial in this process. Information Communication Technology is a procedure for empowering the village folk and it is fostering economic growth in rural Madhya Pradesh. It is doing so by providing the rural folk access to information so as to bridge the gap between the rural and urban masses. Accessibility to pertinent information and knowledge is of extreme importance. It can prove beneficial in this process to a large extent.  This paper is based on secondary data and focuses on scope and role of ICTs in rural development in Madhya Pradesh.