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English Language Teaching: Attitude towards Word Learning | Original Article

Neha Dubey1 Dr. Ritu Kumaran2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



Its always been a prime problem for vocabulary extending to the learners especially for such teachers because memorizing and keeping the vast range of words in mind, are the some of the great challenges. In this research the main focus is been given to the strategy of memorizing the maximum words in the maximum range with contextualizing as well as de- and re contextualization in concern of learning stages. It also focuses on the methodology and attitude towards the learning approach of the various words. In this research 10-week intense strategy of word processing instruction program is involving. The results reflect that the strategy of teachers is based on instructional intervention which affected the basic changes in both the learners approach of learning the suitable vocabulary and also in the teachers and the learners’ approach of word learning. These findings are the base of the specific issues which need to be in the considerations which also involved the inculcation of the future study.