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Sweet and Sour Feelings of a Magnificent and Ferocious Animal: Tiger | Original Article

Amrita Singh1 Dr. Ritu Kumaran2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



Human being is one of the most wonderful creations of the almighty God. It is special because it can express it’s emotion through various ways. There are visual as well as written ways of expressions are used by all of us. When we talk about written expression we cannot ignore the great literary personalities who have contributed their thoughts in various languages. Leaving the other languages apart when we focus on English language, which is the second language, we need to remember Mr. R.K. Narayan, a great writer. He is an architect of English language. His immense   contribution in field of English literature is admirable.  He brought revolution in English literature through his writing style. The fiction of R.K. Narayan brings the imagination to reality. As one goes into deep of the fictional stories, one realizes that each action narrated is happening around him. In his various novels and stories Narayan was successful to express the feeling, pain and thoughts of his characters with his magical words. The main thing which elicits our attention is that Narayan not only expresses the feelings of human beings but our national   animal tiger.  As we read the introduction of the book” A Tiger for Malgudi” we come across a conversation where the writer was asked that Why has he chosen a tiger and not a mouse? The writer replied to the smart journalist   who had come to interview him, when he mentions the subject of his novel. ,” so that the chief character may not be trampled upon or lost sight of its hole.”  (pg-8)”A Tiger for Malgudi” A king Penguin published by Penguin Books, reprinted 1987. This paper would be based on the book”A Tiger for Malgudi” A king Penguin published by Penguin Books, reprinted 1987.