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Preparedness of Library & Information Services in New Normal | Original Article

Pratibha Pawar1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khare2 Dr. Kishore John3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



This paper examines preparedness of our library system post Covid -19 pandemic. Covid-19 pandemic has brought in an uncertainty and threatto the existence of human life all around the globe in 2020. Even though this virus is not as dangerous as the viruses or bacteria that causes Pneumonia, Cholera, Tuberculosis, HIV, Typhoid or similar diseases to a healthy human being, itsquick community spread has a blasting effect on the entire health system making it helpless to provide health services to large number of citizens at the same time resulting complete lockdown and making the world economy paralyzed for an indefinite period. We are living in a liminal moment where we are unaware as to what will happen next. This increased uncertainty is a challenge to all human activities including the activities of public libraries all around and in India the condition is comparatively worst as dependency on physical library services is more.It is the time for us to concentrate on what we need to adapt and bring transformation in response to the major challenges that have evolved from the COVID-19 pandemic as there is a little has been done in India in this direction till date. There is an immediate demand of service deviations to accelerateno-touch public access, extended loan limits and periods, shifting to online service delivery of reference materials and public programs, significantly increasingthe collection of e-books, identifying and implementing direct channels of communication with readersand user communities, and setting-up home delivery of materials or improving click and collect facilities. There also need for a massive survey of the users to understand the depth of need that the users have for continuity of access to the public library services.