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Flourishing Entrepreneurs on Digital Platforms: Women’s of Atmanirbhar Bharat | Original Article

Diksha Pahuja1 Preeti Shrivastava2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




The growing resemblance of individuals who create a new business, by absorbing most of the exposure to danger, in the operation of positioning a brand-new business, time and again seen as the pioneer, as a birthplace of new ideas, projects, plans, commodities, services and businesses showcases boom of women entrepreneur who are scene as administrating on digital platforms.  The  astounding  entry  of  “Atmanirbhar Bharat  “the hunk  of  economic vision popularized by The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Government of India functioned as savior for self-reliant women to contribute to self-reliant nation. This study involves exploring and understands the impact of digital platforms on business transformation and the significance of these platforms on women entrepreneurship. To explore the impact of social media business that upscales local business to global level and to analyse the challenges and benefits involved in digital business operating model. Study is descriptive in nature, conducted on 102 women entrepreneurs on digital platform. The study has shown a significant impact of social media platforms on women entrepreneurs, thereby making them Atmanirbhar and aiding to Digital India as well local to Global campaign of the country.