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Effect of Short-Term Training on the Weaver Skill Development for Business Growth: A Case of Varanasi, U.P, India | Original Article

Angika Kushwaha1 Kavita Chaudhary2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



India is the second-largest population globally, and it is among the world's largest producers of Textiles and Apparel. The domestic apparel & textile industry in India contributes five percentages to the country's GDP (Gross domestic product). The government of India is committed to improving workers' skills in the handloom industry because it provides a source of income for rural communities. The government is organizing many training programmers in which skill India is among them. The Indian government is committed to developing this industry because it provides a source of revenue for rural areas. There are various government programmes and help available for this industry. To begin, appropriate training in handloom weaving and value addition is required. An efficacy analysis study was undertaken on purpose to determine the effects of training. The business is facing a skilled worker shortage and offers several prospects for unemployed youth in the country that are trained in the area.