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An Empirical Evidence to Measure an Impact of Social Media on Agro Tourist Intention- A Proposed model from Make in India Perspective Using Theory of Planned Behavior | Original Article

Suraj Shah1 Maurvi Vasavada2 Mahendra Sharma3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




Rural development must be seen as a strategy to eliminate poverty while simultaneously benefiting the rural ecology or environment's sustainability (Bungau et al., 2015; Torretta et al., 2015), as every industry is motivated to develop a long-term solution for its own sector's sustainability (Ki si, 2019). The main intention of this study is to find out how the idea of planned behavior influences intention of Agro tourist. It also measures controlling effect of social networking site use in Agri tourism intention decision making. Here the single cross sectional research design adopted for the current study. Through the survey method using structures questionnaire the primary data has been collected.  This research provides the useful implication to marketers as well as whole society providing role of the Agri-tourism in the sustainable growth of rural area. Decision making process of the Agri tourism intention & use of social networking site investigated accurately which provides the guideline for future policy formulation. This study talks about decision making process of Agri tourism intention through the help of theory of planned behavior which are lacked in previous researches. This study also checked the moderating effect of the social networking site usage on established relationship between theory of planed behavior and Agri tourism intention which is uniqueness of this study.