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Ergonomics Modifications and Improving Well-Being as an Early Disease Prevention in School Going Children in Developing Countries During Pandemic | Original Article

Shruti Dnyaneshwar Ramekar1 Pooja Kumari Mahaseth2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




Background Statement: Early Ergonomics Intervention and Education from Childhood is Considered to be Critical as They Are Future of Our Country for the Global Economy and Individuals Alike. As The Healthcare Common Say “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” It Would Be Better Said “Early Prevention In Childhood Is Crucial To Our Survival Than Any Remedy”.  Purpose: This Study Raise Awareness of the Role of Ergonomics in Protecting and Enhancing Children’s Physical and Mental Development. Children's Posture Correction, Ergonomics For Home Computing, Aerobic Exercise Training, Flexibility Training, Balance Training And Muscular Strengthening Exercises Are All Part Of The Intervention. Methodology: The Experimental Study Involved 300 High School Students (Ages 8 To 18) Over A Six-Month Period. We're Currently Conducting Awareness Campaign throughout the Schools in Multi-Centric Areas. In Our Study, We Used Snowball Sampling, Which Is a Good Way to Get a Large Sample Size. Result:  Conclusion: This Study Concluded That Physical Training And Ergonomic Education In School Going Children Has Shown Significant Effectiveness To A Great Extent For Improving Quality Of Life, Modifying Lifestyle And Preventing Disease Of School Going Students.