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Intangible Radiance of Tacit Knowledge Sharing Behaviour with Integrated Teaching and Knowledge Economy of Digital Era | Original Article

Ashwani Kumar Nanda1 Neha Mathur2 Sangeeta Jauhari3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




An absolute intangible radiant tacit knowledge is (AIRTK) blended with tacit understanding once accessible and usable then see its intangible power and magic of multiplication of its multidimensional growth and the power to embrace impossible academic clips with an opportunity of achieving global advantage and finally visualizing intangible path having at last mile the India’s universal super academic vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat with an intangible tacit wisdom blessed with AIRTK’s infinite power leading global excellence to Atamnirbhar Bharat. The tacit Knowledge is a crucial intangible asset of the today’s knowledge thirsty world having an era of knowledge linked economy and a critical paradigm of exponentially growing digital universe. It is an academic macro knowledge journey from materialistic knowledge to wise knowledge and micro knowledge journey from wise knowledge to superior knowledge. Pico knowledge journey starts from superior knowledge to mind knowledge, an intangible wise approach to fathomless depth of mind. The last mile femto knowledge journey takes off from mind knowledge to soul knowledge. Once tacit knowledge sharing behaviour is synchronised with the positively charged intangible environment of mind the femto mind development starts and takes mind to the intangible path of tacit knowledge creation and mind listens the intangible melody of our own soul thus to embrace the intangible tacit knowledge of the unknowns. To survive in an era of academic, research, innovativeness and creativity the absolute need is positive tacit knowledge and its sharing behavior. Thus HEIs to embrace academic, innovative and research competitiveness, global trust and reputation.