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Promotion of Ceramic Product to Make in India | Original Article

Aditi Agrawal1 Isha Bhatt2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




India has a long history of crafts and customs, as well as a rich heritage, legacy, and cultural heritage. Many crafts were progressively slipping into history as a result of industrialization and modernity, but the love of craft, design, and heritage aided in the resurrection of the Indian Craft Industry. The ceramic goods of 'Khurja' in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district are well-known around the world, with certain items being turned into designer pieces of gorgeous art vases or sculptures and others being turned into various forms of functional dinnerware. Pottery making is a unique art. It's also used for flower pots, water and grain storage jars, rice spirits cooking tools, tableware, stoneware pitchers, stoneware cups, bowls, plates, and mugs, among other things. The product's sales are increasing in both international and domestic markets. Lifestyle changes and alternative replacement items are affecting this business. Ceramics of various types have also been produced. However, since the global economy's rate of growth has slowed and structural imbalances have grown more severe, this research investigates the examination of trends in the Doab region's folk handicraft, with a focus on 'Khurja.' The aim is to ascertain existence. Making and using pottery is an art form. Analyze current market trends critically. The research paper focuses on different elements of the ceramics industries, including their origins, research, technology, and history, as well as their upgradation and promotion, with a specific focus on India.