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Classification of Physicians for Detailing/E-Detailing Preference | Original Article

Saibal Kumar Saha1 Annu Prakash2 Ajeya Jha3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




Pitching the right product to physicians has always been challenging for the pharmaceutical companies. The preferred mode of communicating about the products has been through face-to-face, in person detailing process by the medical representatives of the company. With evolution of technology, e-detailing or detailing through electronic media had gained ground. E-detailing involves use of digital technologies like internet, video conferencing and interactive voice response. This study aims to determine if significant differences exist across traditional detailing/e-detailing preference across physicians. 7 factors were identified for the study. Samples were taken from 433 non-allopathic practitioners from eastern India. With the help of t-test and discriminant analysis the survey responses were analyzed and it was found that physicians differ considerably in their preference for selected benefit variables. E-detailing will help in minimizing the sales force time, shrink costs and enhance the prescribing time of physicians. Tailored information is possible when medical representatives understand the interests, personality and inclinations of individual physicians whom they meet personally.