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Legal Justification of Reservation Quota Right to Education Act | Original Article

Ravi Prakash Choudhary1 Ajens Kumar Sahu2 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research




The Constitution of India provides for Affirmative action through reservation system to protect the interests of traditionally backward and downtrodden classes of society. Even after 70 years of pursuing the reservation policies for the disadvantaged sections of the society, there has been just marginal improvement in their lot. This explains why these policies are still being practiced. On one hand, these policies have not been successful in total amelioration of social inequality and poverty and on the other hand, the pace of national development suffers when merit is not the sole criteria for appointment and promotions in public services. The paradox of reservation based on caste backwardness is baffling as even if a caste community aspires to be de-notified/taken out of the scheduled categories, there are vested interests within the community itself blocking the process.