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Covid -19 Pandemic and Online Education: an Empirical Study with Reference to Students and Employees | Original Article

Ayushi Tiwari Nikhil Tiwari Pooja Chaturvedi in Anusandhan (RNTUJ-AN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Electronic learning offers many methods which decreases the limitations of traditional education. E-learning appeals to organizations that a strong need or desire to deliver consistent training across multiple locations. Today’s new economy is characterized by industrial change, globalization,  knowledge sharing and information technology revolution thus, traditional classrooms do not satisfy the needs of new world of lifelong learning. This paper aims to provide a discussion about the satisfaction level of students among E-learning and employees among work from home by online mechanism. This study examines the evidence of the effectiveness of online learning by organizing and summarizing the findings and challenges of online learning into positive, negative, mixed and null findings. The research was Descriptive in nature and both primary and secondary data has been collected for this purpose. Taken as a whole, there is robust evidence to suggest online learning is generally at least as effective as the traditional format.