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Empowering Youth, Realizing Aatm-Nirbhar India | Original Article

C.B. Sharma1 Neha Mathur2 Atul Loomba3 in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research



India is now looking at a unique opportunity in the upcoming decade in form of a young demographic dividend, but there lie challenges in training and developing relevant marketable skills of our vast population as the risk of demographic liability of unemployed, untrained and unproductive population lingers close by. In present picture, skill training in India lacks industry interface, poor infrastructure pulls back various efforts by the government all the while the negative effects of the CoViD-19 pandemic are still not over. Recent initiatives have raised the standard of our country on various international metrics but now the need of the hour is to fine tune the skill distribution mechanism and fast-track various development initiatives so that our country can reap the benefits of the opportunity in time. Skill training plays an important role in releasing a self-sufficient India as skill initiatives and training will lead to employment as it will not only boost the entrepreneurial practices but also help in providing a capable workforce which can be employed in various sectors. Both these factors will boost the economy promoting economic growth, preparing our country for the global stage.