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Covid-19 Impact from the Lens of School Students | Original Article

Ashwani Kumar Nanda Dr. Neha Mathur Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari in Shodhaytan (RNTUJ-STN) | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Single cell protein an invisible microscopic Covid-19 virus mortality = Virus Fear, Loss of life, uncertainty of future, social and economic dynamics fatigue failure due to shear tangential stress. The Covid-19 helplessness and hopelessness = Cry and Pray of all human beings, spiritual positive praying of the all other living beings of the earth, its environment and mother earth's creations, thus come out of Coved-19 as winner with living life fairness to mother earth with redirected future and life values as all living beings of this earth have equal rights and only human beings could not be an exception. The collective cry and prayer of all human beings finally = Improvement of pollution and negativity of the world's mind and then mind of human beings so that the mind control quotient of all living beings of the world becomes synchronized to the universe needs with the positive initiatives of filtering out the cruelty for the world's animals, environment and the nature and thus shall have value added positive impact on the universe. Today watch the melody of the pollution free rivers flowing towards the ocean with the confidence of not  polluting the ocean, feel  the animals eternal happiness due to reduction of higgledy-piggledy, blissfully feel the bliss of the sky blessing the environment with the clear and pure vision.